Tuesday, March 24, 2009

update on Brian and new blog

First, thanks folks for your kind words and prayers. Brian is progressing to a degree no one expected. The doctors brought him out of sedation momentarily today, earlier than planned, just to see about his responses. He opened his eyes and looked at Sarah and also wiggled his thumb when instructed to do so. It reminds me of pulling somebody up out of a dark, murky lake, waving hello, and pushin' 'em back in. Kind of strange. I'll be really curious to hear from Brian, Lord-willing, what memories he has of the whole thing, if any.

For those of us who saw Brian while the emergency crew was working on him on the mountain and knew how much time was passing until they could relieve his cranial pressure at the hospital, this comeback is truly astounding.

My sister has begun a new blog on behalf of Brian and Sarah, where she or Sarah will record his progress as the days go on. It is www.milehighbriandtheconnellyfamily.blogspot.com.

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