Friday, March 27, 2009

when blogging gets weird

I posted a youtube video today of some adorable tap-dancing siblings. If anyone was offended by my comments or those of my family members, please read the comments section of that post for an apology and an explanation.

And leave a comment telling what you think about any of it.


melissa said...

OMG your husband is as hilarious as mine. Remember the post he did about me thinking I'm sexy and everyone believed me?


I think they may have been brothers in a past life.

Thanks also for your suggestion on my blog--I use a good brand of acidophilus and bifidobacterium (whatever-I'm reading the bottle and I don't even know if those are the right terms) recommended by my midwife (who is also a naturopathic physician) and sold in the naturopath's pharmacy. I think they're pretty good since they are highly recommended by her, and since they helped my chronic yeast when I was pregnant (like you, I was driven nearly mental with this problem!!). I think part of the reason we contracted this particular infection is because I ran out of probiotics and didn't get more because we were 'fine.' Huh. Not so much, anymore.

That was an expensive mistake.

Thanks for being willing to purchase some good probiotics and mail them to me, though! You're stellar!

Anonymous said...

Jese and I laughed and laughed at the Poppy and Archer show, and then I felt a moment of guilt when reading the "angry parent" comment. Mandy and I did tap when we were little, but we barely got past the shuffle step... those kids were amazing! So anyhow I'm pretty sure we weren't laughing at them in mockery -but maybe we were. Hmmm, I'll have to do some soul searching. Glad you guys are back!

Christi said...

Jason, that was the best.

handfull of johnsons said...

I'm mad that the video won't play. Yep, that's the lesson I learned from your lesson. =-)
It's the whole "Talk as if Jesus is sitting on your couch" lesson from Sunday school. I've never quite got it down right...especially when it comes to strangers or you-tubers. You hope that these dancers are grown and it's on there for others to enjoy as a joke. But at the same time you know it isn't. They deserve to be put in their place. I ask Jesus all the time what He would say if he were on my couch. He doesn't say anything back, but I do know this, he made us some pretty crazy gals. And he's getting plenty of kicks over his "you-tubes" of us!

lori lls said...

Melissa, yes I do remember your husband doing that. Boys.

Nikki, let me know what you come up with on the soul-searching. Am I guilty or not?! See you tomorrow.

Christi, you are teetering on encouraging Jason. Danger! Danger!

Darbi, click it three or four times, and it'll open up a new window and play. Yes, that Jesus guy seems to make His way into the darndest areas of life...