Friday, April 3, 2009

winter - - a poem by Jason

(Remember, this is the same Jason who supposedly dislikes poetry but unknowingly writes it all the time. This was uttered through bitter lips upon his looking out the window this morning and seeing the following scene.)


oh why
oh why
oh why
oh winter
won't you release your grip
and give way to another season,
one with more light
and hope?


Anonymous said...

man, i hear ya on that one.... Autumn

Anonymous said...

now I don't feel so bad coming back to rain in Oregon from the tropical island paradise of Puerto Rico. - kristi

lori lls said...

Dang you, Kristi.

Anonymous said...

Without winter how could we enjoy the wonderus blooming of the most Beautiful flowers that Spring brings so many different variety's in many parts of the country. We have beautiful Yellow flowers here in the East I just saw today. Have a Happy Blooming time in Montana!!

Christi said...

We had a beautiful, warm, sunny day, yet that poem is resonating deeply with me today.

tamie said...

That is a beautiful poem, actually. Rather in the Wallace Stevens style. Go, Poet Jason.