Monday, March 30, 2009

road trip, part 4: Portland

Rach and Cam had been unable to come up to Sequim when we were there, so we decided to hit up Portland. We intended to stay only one night and sadly thought we better not visit friends in such a short time. Mostly because Jason had scads of paperwork to get done and a limited amount of time for it. BUT, one thing led to another. Jason accomplished a bunch via the olde world wide web, Rach happened to get "sick" while we were there and thus had extra time to stay home with us, and we learned that Cam had a race at the end of the week in Idaho. Well, we would be driving right through there to get home - why not wait a couple days and see him ski?? So that's precisely what we did, which enabled us to see two of my great-aunts who are best friends, one being my grandma's sister and the other my grandpa's sister, as well as a few friends our last evening in town.
I will say that this trip to Portland was rather baby-centered. And not many trips to Portland are. Portlanders just don't have loads of children. It's neither strong Amish nor Mormon country. But two friends happen to be spregnant and one family had just come home from Ethiopia with their adopted daughter. Plus, Rachel and I watched the movie, "The Business of Being Born," which I recommend for any American or Canadian, regardless of their interest in childbirth. Click these words that you're currently reading for my sister's review of that movie.
There are so many pictures that I will let them tell the stories. If I try to type more, I'll never get this stuff posted. And I want to be done telling of our trip, because other life things are happening! Like tap dancing children. Just kidding. I've got to
Cam, Zor, and Rach

Zor and Aunt Nadine
Zor and Aunt Virginia

Steve and Darla (24 weeks along with child!)
Jeff and Kezia (35 weeks along with child!)

Dan, Autumn, big brother Rhett, and new baby Mezmur
poor people, they'd only been back from Ethiopia for 2 days
Cam and Zor at Powell's Books
going for Lebanese food, which you don't get often in nw MT

I love this pic because we're all wearing the most energetic color available, yet we are sloppy and slouchy, as are our surroundings (the main office of the apartment complex)


Rachel Clear said...

I really was sick!

(To whatever co-workers or bosses might read this)

lori lls said...

Right. I put the word "sick" in quotation marks, so as not to confuse any older adults who might think I meant it as slang. You know how the kids say "sick" these days to mean "cool." I meant it quite literally, which is why I used quotations.


Anonymous said...

Even though it was short, I loved hanging out with you guys when I could.

I'm sorry about the way we had to part, but I'm excited for the next time we get to hang out.

By the way, Rachel... you are always "sick!" (the way the kids say it)