Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy day of fathers to my main man

I love you, Baby.
You kick pants at being a Papa.
Happy first Father's Day.


Rachel Clear said...

David and Cam and I are gathered round looking at these pictures and we all agree: greatest post ever.

Can you email these, sis? Must. Have. Them. All.

lori lls said...

Ahh! My heart is swelling with love and joy since you said that. I do love my two people. Sure - you got it for an email then.

That face of Zoralee's in the second-to-last shot is one of my very favorite expressions. It's this innocent, lifted eyebrows, I-know-something-good-is-up-so-I'm-kind-of-smiling look.

Rena said...

The only thing better than these pictures is seeing Zoralee in person in her little Carhartts! (And Jason in his, of course.) Perfect Father's Day outfits!!

Rachel Clear said...

Sis - I think you need to add all the pix you took... they're just all so stinkin' cute!

Anonymous said...

Okay we have to have these pictures too. Send 'em our way! I love that they both have carhartts on. I love this post. It leaves a happy warm fuzzy feeling coated with a bit of sadness :(