Saturday, July 25, 2009

favorite overheard conversation of late

I had just stepped into line at a local coffee shop on Thursday. Two men and two women were at a table together, most of the chatter being dominated by one loud man. Suddenly they saw Zoralee on my back in the Ergo carrier.

everybody: ohhhh, look at the baaaby. awwww.
loud man: I don't think he's comfortable.
both women, reassuringly: Oh, yes he is. Yes he is.
loud man: With his legs like this?!

both women: Yes! He is!
me: [stood silently in line, 5 FEET AWAY, letting Zoralee's obvious contentment and girlhood speak for themselves]


Christi said...

That's funny...nice art work to go with it :) If the guy only knew that babies have no trouble letting us know when they are uncomfortable. My babies had that one down just fine.

Rachel Clear said...


Oh, sister.

Elisha said...

That is awesome. I cannot tell you h o w m a n y times Chloe and Lillian were called cute little boys to their faces. Yes my children may have been born bald. But they were wearing dresses for crying out loud! I love it :)

Rachel Clear said...

I'll never forget watching Lori's face go "Grrrr" when a woman at Powell's books said, "Oh, he's losing his socky!" and Lori said, "Oh, she loses those all the time!" and the lady said, "Oh, he's so cute!" almost as though she were making sure that Lori knew she was holding a boy.

I keep reading this little post and looking at the picture over and over. It's funny.