Sunday, July 26, 2009

more on Zor

Most predictable behavior: Zoralee twists herself around to get onto her belly and whines incessantly during every single dingle diaper change. She hates the changes so. She also twists herself onto her belly when we're nursing side-by-side lying down, maintaining her latch-on during the twist. I'd like to be on a glass table and see a photograph from below of that.

Most beloved activity: She pulls herself to a stand against every imaginable household object. Crawls mostly for getting someplace to stand. She even stands coming out of a dead sleep when she most needs to stay sleeping - stands up against something, all wobbly and fussy.

Newest trick: Does hand-offs from one object to another while standing. The funniest one I've seen was while she stood at the coffee table, she turned the top half of her body 180 degrees to grab the couch behind her. When she had it solidly, she turned the bottom half of her body so that she was fully facing the couch.

Most common injury: head bonks, due to newest trick.

Newest attitude development: She now recognizes that when something off limits is taken from her, it is ME doing the taking, rather than the desired object just floating out of her life. She, in turn, gives me nasty faces.

tough guy pose

But she's a woman of peace deep inside.

Favorite person: Grandma Rena. She has started bursting into tears when Grandma walks away. Here, she is having her hair gelled and measured by Grandma.

The crackers Aunt Rae Rae and Uncle Cam brought back from Germany for Zor have sat in the cupboard awaiting her. Now their time of consumption has come.

good times with Papa

the tug rope he hung up for entertainment

"Ain't nobody here but us chickens." (an old-timey song lyric that often comes to mind)


Rachel Clear said...

Oh, sis, I could take one of these posts every single day. I love the attitude faces she makes.

I remember when she first bawled when mom left the tent at camp... then immediately stopped and went about her business as usual when mom came back. I bet mom is loving that.

Yay that she can actually eat the animal cookies now!

p.s. Aren't you nervous that a chicken will peck at Zoralee's eyes or something? Chickens are wild and unruly, for sure.

Rena said...

I agree with Rachel. I can't get enough of the Zoralee blogs, especially the ones with pictures. (I love the other blogs too though...just the Z ones the most.)

And if you think it's hard to deal with Zoralee when she cries for me, just wait until you guys move somewhere else and you all have to deal with ME bursting into tears!

Team Baliko said...

I was actually more concerned about Jason with those those chickens, I've seen his reaction time and he's not exactly a ninja if you know what I mean! We love staying touch more frequently and seeing your life and sharing ours with you. Makes us miss you three all the more!

kranberrys said...

Ok...anal car seat comment to follow...please don't be offended...

PLEASE tell me that you pull the buckle up WAY higher than it was in the pic for actual traveling purposes...(I know...I am anal! I worry about everyone's kids in their car seats and if straps are right and tight and all that jazz)

OK...Comment done...You are a good mom and you know it!

LUVS- KArissa

lori lls said...

Rach - we don't believe a chicken will peck at Zoralee's eyes, but we'll be on the lookout.

Mom - we'll cross the moving bridge when we come to it. No worries just yet!

Steve or Darla - Jason has been working on his moves. You'd be surprised. Ha ha.

Karissa - I just looked at the photo, and sure enough, it is way low. We do usually pull it up, so I'm not sure what was going on there. I'm not offended. :)