Thursday, August 13, 2009

happy 10, my love

summer 1996
summer 1999
summer 2009
You want to love with me,
Love with me then.
I only ask that you still be my friend...
So I will love you, and love you I do.
It’s not complete yet, but you know we’re not through
And the days go their ways in blessings,
Moments of truth,
We truly dare not waste our youth.
- from a Keith Green song we sang at our wedding


Elisha said...

Congrats to our dear friends. I remember meeting Jason at Warner that year of your first photo when you lived on Upper C!!! Time does creep yet fly by doesn't it? I can't believe that our 10 is coming up as well. Love love love to you guys. Hope you have a hot date!

Electricnurse said...

Congratulations you two (three!). Time flies, doesn't it?! And we age right along with it!

Rachel Clear said...

congrats again, sis.

Man, this is the week for anniversaries: you and J, Shana and Adam, Bethany and Neil, my friends Em and Ryan, and also I see, Melissa and Brent - all within two days. Crazy!

I'm glad you were smart and included a few pix of Z... I was worried at first that you might forget to do that. Silly me.

Can't wait to see you both in a few (10) hours and a few (600) miles!

Rachel Clear said...

Also: I looove seeing Jason's transition from preppy boy to... hippy man.

Nikki said...

Woo hoo! Very well done to you guys - it's been a real privilege hanging with you guys here lately. We love seeing people further down this marriage road than we are who have such a deep love and friendship with their mate. Congrats.

Elaine said...

Congratulations! Love those two look adorable and so young! I got a kick out of what your sister said about Jason. :)

lori lls said...

Shucks, pals. Thanks for the congratulations! We are enjoying our togetherness.

Isn't Jason's current look more redneck though than hippy?

Anonymous said...

happy ten!!! wow, time goes by so fast. i love you:) give little zorzor of hug and a kiss for me:) love, Autumn