Tuesday, August 18, 2009

first tooth

Zoralee had been restless and fussy for several nights and was a bit more needy than usual during the daytime. We'd seen the bumps forming on her gums. So, we knew the time was approaching, but of course didn't know exactly when that milestone moment would hit. Life with a baby is like that, man. You're going along with the day, your head in a sort of haze, and you'll look over to see the baby crawling up the stairs or making a totally new expression. It's jolting. To me, that's one of the most fun parts of this whole deal, but then, I like surprises.

We were having a relaxing evening at home with old friends of mine from high school, Kristi and Brent. I was feeling Z's gums and got an unusual poke on the finger. It was such a gleeful moment, and extra fun for having other people around. Just after I felt the tooth, Zoralee bit my arm and left a classic double dimple tooth mark, as if to drive the point home that, "hey people, something is UP."

Here is but a sampling of the dozens of photographs I have taken over the last week to capture this tooth. The big picture up top, Z in her purple dress, is the best, and I finally got that tonight.


Rachel Clear said...

Little tooth,
Little tooth,
Come on out and bite.

Love her.

Shana said...

Yay for teeth!!