Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the Pumpkin Buns' latest antics and rantics

Zoralee the Academic

Zoralee the Yoga Instructor

Zoralee the Contemplative Musician
um...Zoralee the Normal Baby

Zoralee has changed so much in the last couple of weeks that she's virtually a new person. There was the tooth, yes. But also....
Especially when we read to her, Zoralee is talking back, mostly in deep, extended, gutteral grunts. It would be alarming coming from a person of any age other than hers. Getting through a book is difficult; you hate to laugh too hard, because she's so very serious.
She made it clear we needed a change in our sleep routine. Rather than falling asleep by nursing side by side, she multi-tasks, even when she's dog tired. She rolls onto her belly and raises her bum in the air as she tries to stand to her feet. She then unattaches from the breast and starts breathing excitedly about practicing her skills. Right now, the skill is Use Mama's Body to Stand Against, Let Go, and Wobble Around Grinning.
I lay her back down and we go through the same drill a few times, and sometimes she'll fall asleep. But nowadays, Jason or I will rock her to sleep, holding her tight and talking gently or singing to her. At first, she cried for 1/2 hour, but now it takes her a couple of minutes of fussing (or wailing; let's be honest) in our arms before she settles in and resigns herself to sleep. She does continue to doze in and out for 10 minutes, just because she's such a light sleeper. But then we lay her in bed, and she's good to go. It is wonderful! I love holding her quiet, still little self for a few minutes.
Yesterday while we were rocking, she got relaxed enough to gaze into my eyes while I sang - for a couple of minutes. It was perfectly sweet. Unfortunately, she made the funniest face as she dozed off, and I started giggling. That woke her right up, and she smiled. Pretty soon I was outright laughing. Dangit! So much for that nice, peaceful falling to sleep. Probably won't happen again for weeks.
Yep, Zoralee's got one. She turns it on and off like a faucet. A faucet of skin-burning acid.

She goes up the stairs when anybody will let her. Loves to climb anything. LOVES to dive off the our mattress onto either her bed or pillows I've arranged on the floor. Today she climbed up onto Grandpa's pack box (goes on horses and holds gear), which is even higher than our mattress, and tried to dive to the floor. She's utterly loco.
Uncle Cam spotting for her


Christi said...

Love reading about this little girl. I can't believe she is climbing stairs and jumping off the bed!! What a crazy girl! I love her, smooth, soft skin.

Rena said...

Zoralee is a busy little girl, always! Her mind must be working even in her sleep because she's learning and changing SO quickly. I love all the pictures, especially the yoga pose :)

Jason said...

Just wanted to let anyone who cares know: I am not unaware that the "flowers" Z is sitting amongst in the Sound of Music-esque scene above, are Linaria vulgaris, a highly invasive weed. For all two of you (or less) who care.