Wednesday, September 2, 2009

blue ribbon* vegetables

The competition was stiff-ish, but we pulled out two wins for our best zuchini squash (one of four so far) and one of our 18 sugar snap peas. It was a small event, the LLL Farm Summer Fair. No rides, no rodeos, no vendors other than the array of candy jars on Grandma's fridge. And we didn't advertise much, which was a good strategy for winning our submissions. Look, you've got to start somewheres. We'll be ready for the Big Time another year.
* I don't have time to fiddle with Photoshop, so I'll kindly ask you to block from your vision the part on these blue ribbons that says 1959 Tillamook County Fair, rounded up by Judge Grandma.


Rachel Clear said...

Hahahaha! YES.

I recognize the judge's hand-writing... interesting.

Zor looks so proud. I'm glad she doesn't know she was the only contestant.

Rena said...

What a great job! All that hard work really paid off. And, following the Tillamook tradition, you should make zucchini-cantaloup bread or something.

Rachel Clear said...

JUST FYI, both dave and I LOVE this picture. He clicked on the blog several times yesterday just to look at it. It's so freaking hilarious (the first one of Zor with the veggies).

Team Baliko said...

Lori: WOW blue ribbon've come so far since those days in AK...I couldn't be prouder.

(Farmer) Steve