Wednesday, September 2, 2009

good times (and one sad time) with Grandma and Grandpa

No doubt about it: making Zoralee leave Grandma Rena and Grandpa Larry will be the hardest part about going to Alaska for a few months. Seeing them is part of her daily routine. Whenever she hears Molly bark upstairs, she drops what she's doing and crawls toward the bottom of the stairs, knowing that someone has come home. If I say, "Wanna go see Grandma?" she gets very excited. She knows where the love is. And the treats.

helping Grandma to dog-sit Peanut and Murray

Zoralee loves to steal the pen from Grandpa's pocket. This time, he let out
a silly, startled cry, which prompted the same in Zoralee, minus the silly.

looking to Grandma for comfort from mean old Grandpa

back to good times, reading in the chair

and making Grandpa-inspired faces


Rachel Clear said...

I never realized how much Zoralee looks like dad. Or murray.


This almost made me cry. I wonder what we should do to keep mom sane while you guys are gone? Alcohol? Narcotics? Heavy sedation? Weed? I just don't know what will work... She's surely going to lose her mind when you leave.

Rena said...

This DOES make me cry. The simple solution is to just leave Zoralee in Montana. Everybody would be happy, right??

Anonymous said...

OMG I cannot believe how much she looks like her Grandpa same silly gren I want so much to hold her and kiss her little face. What a cute little grandchild I can't wait to hold her. Love you Baby Girl!! Nana Stoffer

mark said...

Rena! this must be so hard for you your first grandbaby leaving you I feel so happy knowing my Grandbaby was in good hands with you her other Grandma!! Guess we must know that God will keep her safe with our children!!

Love to All!!