Thursday, September 17, 2009

first words at the circus

For today's videos, we're going one month back in time.
It's Papa reading "First Words at the Circus" to Zoralee - in two parts.


Rachel Clear said...

Ohhhh, these are real good.

A few notes:

First, a question: do either you or Jason ever read the actual WORDS in the books?

Second, a note: Zoralee is so expressive, and what's weird (weird, aka wicked smart) is that she pipes in as one would if they were speaking. It's just that, she isn't.

Third, another question: when did she start doing that brbrbrbr thing with her lips? Maybe a month ago, I'm guessing.

I love her little squeals. I've not been around many babies that are that loud, which is funny, considering, well, that she's your daughter... ahahahha!

More videos, sis. Keep 'em a coming!

melissa said...

link away, babe! i don't mind ever!