Monday, September 14, 2009

story time in the bathtub


Rachel Clear said...

Ohhhhhhh, yes.

Much much more of all this video goodness.

Rachel Clear said...

Favorite parts: the beginning and end, and then at 0:31 where she goes "leetle grunt ...leetle grunt... BIG grunt" and with that she flexes her arms.

Rachel Clear said...

Okay, 4th favorite part, right at 0:23 where she looks up at you like, "Go on..." and then at the end when her face goes "That's it? Seriously? Did anyone make money on this book?"

Rena said...

Never, ever, was there a cuter baby! Or a smarter one!

tamie said...

I love your mom voice.

And I love your constant witty comments. It's just ridiculous, how full of wittiness you are. It should be illegal.

Oh, and the kid is cute too. Real cute.

Rachel Clear said...

Last thing: I love right at 0:07 when you are opening the book and she goes, "Uh HUH" like she's agreeing to read with you, and she's digging it.

Heck, I love the whole dang thing.

And I love how you startle her at first, like she's just chillin like "Whoa... who enters?"