Thursday, September 10, 2009

a little clappin', a little singin'

Here are two video clips by special request of Aunt Rachel.




Rachel Clear said...

Her little claps DO make sounds! Aaaaaah! There has never in the history of histories been a cuter little girl a'clapping. I love it.

Couldn't dad NOT be on the phone for 29 entire seconds. Geesh.

Anyhow, I love these videos!

Rachel Clear said...

But uh, WHAT is she listening to?

lori lls said...


#1: I took about 4 jillion videos trying to capture her claps, so I went with this one despite Dad's phone presence. That makes it realer to our life anyway.

#2: In the clip downstairs, she's listening to Elizabeth Mitchell's album, "You Are My Little Bird," an album of folk songs for kids. That particular song is cheesier than most, one of my least favorites. But again, it's the song she chose to clap on, so what could I do? I was taking video throughout 5 or 6 songs, to no avail.

Christi said...

Oh my goodness! It's true...I have never seen a cuter clapper.

Rena said...

What an incredibly smart, musical, cute, bright, amazing baby!

Anonymous said...

Thank you a hundred times for that delightful clip,she is so smart and talented, she's picking up her music ability from her mom and Rachel. Gosh I wish I was there!!


Rachel Clear said...

Oh man. On my 4,567,262 listen, I just noticed that she's actually really clapping and bobbing IN TIME, to boot. I was so focusing on the cuteness ealier, combined with tuning out the music, that I hadn't noticed that.

Good jeoarb, Zor!

Jason said...

I just watch this over and over and over and over. Just about anytime I have web access.

Rachel Clear said...

Jason, go to Youtube and put in "Zoralee". You will fall over with how many Zoralee videos come up on youtube. That should take care of some of the missin' business you're doing.

Love, Rach