Monday, September 7, 2009

update #2 from road and home

At 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, which was the last I heard from him, Jason was at Fort Nelson -about 100 miles less than half way. It was a three minute call, a hang up, and then a ten second call, because our cell phone battery is shot to crap. I hardly learned anything.

In redeeming news from yesterday, I remembered later that he said the drive was beautiful and that [sniffle] I would've loved it.

* * * *

As for us here on the homefront, Zoralee figured out today how to close the bedroom door, thereby locking herself in and having the run of the place. Once I gave her a couple minutes of freedom, and when I went in to see about her, she was standing there looking at me with a chicken feather sticking out of her mouth. Where on earth she found it, who can say?

This is her in a quirky hooded sweatshirt that I got at the thrift store before she was born. By a coincidence, I made my first origami crane today. I think the two of them go together, even if she doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from camping and read all your posts...looks like Jason is off to a wild start. I hope that all goes well. We can always offer to feed him in the event that he is half starved when he gets here :) I am sorry that you are missing out on this leg of the adventure. But you will be happier to be here in a flash via the airplane.
CANT WAIT to hang out with you guys. Just had an awesome weekend and hang out time with Neil. He came down to the Kenai and went fishing on the boat with Brandon. Good times...he is sad he is missing you guys by such a narrow margin! Love to you

Anonymous said...

So when are you and Zora heading out? I would like to come see you guys before ya do!

Christi said...

We thought about Jason a ton today as we headed up I-5 about 600 miles. Don't you worry, he was prayed for!

Rachel Clear said...

She loves that origami, huh?

Little skeptical Zor.

Lindsay said...

Those pictures made me laugh. Don't you love the things we, as parents, get to dress our babies in? I love that hoodie!

Rena said...

Looks like she doesn't trust that crane! She must have a little of the Auntie Rachel & Auntie Melody love for birds in her :)

lori lls said...

Elisha - weehoo! Camping sounds fun. I'm sure Jason will appreciate any refreshing nourishment you have to offer. Can't wait to see everybody.

Nikki - we don't know for sure when we're leaving, so maybe we should hang out soon! We would like that.

Christi - thanks for your prayers! 600 miles in one day with three boys? Seriously?

Rachel - yes, she was skeptical. Little turkey. I think she was mostly disappointed that I didn't use colorful origami paper. Just a ratty old print out. But she warmed up to it.

Lindsay - it is fun, but I haven't been as intentional about it as I could've been. I'm barely more motivated to dress her in cute, interesting things than I am to dress myself that way...which is not much. I wonder why. But I am looking forward to halloween, now that I think about it.

Mom - let's not start giving Zora any phobia ideas. Or drawing attitude and personality comparisons just yet. Oh what the heck. She is a mini Rachel and Melody already.