Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a few folks, and us

3 mamas and 3 first babiesHere are Jannell and Cody helping Zor learn to walk, a common activity for visitors.
She's almost there! The hardwood floors don't help. bath / dishes time


Rena said...

So sweet :) Maybe Z needs shoes?

Christi said...

Zor looks like you a ton in that last picture!

We had hardwood floors when our last two boys were at learn to walk stage and it made it so much harder for them. Actually Caden didn't walk until we moved to a house that had carpet. Falling just hurts so much more on hardwoods and you have to be okay with falling for those first steps days.

I sure wish internet was more accessible for you...your words are my favorite.

Rachel Clear said...

Hahahha! Zor's dishes/bath pix made me think of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets a new shower head and he loves being in there so much that he starts doing everything in the shower, including dishes, cooking, etc., He even puts a garbage disposal in there and everyone is too grossed out to eat his food... ahahahha!

Great pix, sis.

Your words are my favorite too.