Thursday, October 22, 2009

ahoy! we come a-sailin' to the land of Blog!

Haalow! We're here - for awhile anyway. We're trying out AT&T's internet service, and we have 30 days to decide on it. We can see that the answer will probably be "no," but this'll give us some temporary access. The connection is as slow as a turtle on a glacier made of molasses, so I don't know how photo uploading will go.

This month without internet has been an eye-opener. I daresay Jason and I have rather enjoyed the lack of immediate access to every drip of information in the entire world. I actually had to call my mother on the telephone for her chocolate sauce recipe rather than google it. Not that google could, with its might and money and all-seeing eye, find the equivalent to yours, Mom. Besides, I don't know what we could give up to be on the computer more. We've been hanging with people nearly non-stop, much to our delight and occasional fatigue. (For great posts about marital disagreements on television and internet, see this link over at Rachel's blog and then this followup link. Be sure to check out the comment sections for those posts too).

On the other hand, we want to purchase plane tickets for Christmas. We want to monitor our bank account online (since we don't actually "balance" our checkbook - hey, that's real life). And email is a good way to communicate with Shelsea about the next box of hand-me-downs she wants to mail (woot!) and to learn that my grandparents, in their late 70's and early 80's, marched themselves into Verizon the other day and got cell phones.

Plus, okay, I've got a few Zoralee photos I need to share. And little by little, I'm catching up on y'all's lives too (at least those of you with an internet presence). xooox

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Rena said...

YAY for internet and posting news and photos!!