Thursday, October 22, 2009

new facial hair-do

Jason gets bored with his facial hair in the fall. This time, just the mustache disappeared. I believe this is the most Amish he has ever gone. Brandon says he looks like a garden gnome, but just you wait - in a couple of years, it'll be all the rage. I think it's a very handsome look.

The best part was getting Zoralee's assessment. Just as the pics show, she was skeptical at first, but when she warmed up, she gave him her best kisses. Then, as she walked away, she got in one last, long stare.



Rena said...

Sweet! :) Her expressions say SO much.

Rachel Clear said...

Ahahhahaha! She sure did give one last stare.

And way to work "as she walked away" right into the sentence like it's no big deal at all! :)

tamie said...'s nice to see a picture of the two of you! True to form, when people have kids everything is all about the kids...but I'm interested in the twos of you too!!!