Monday, January 18, 2010

you know another season of 24 is playing when...

  • ...your dad offers this tag-on after the supper prayer and Amen have been said: "And please help Jack Bauer to kill about a million bad guys."

  •'re no longer a simple stay at home mom walking down the stairs with a laundry basket in arm; you're a disheveled, jaded, under cover spy between gigs, wondering who might be watching you through the windows.


Rachel Clear said...



I'm glad ya'll have 24 to help keep things normal and sane.

But... are YOU watching it too? Last week you drank rootbeer and now you're watching TV? What's going on back home?! :)

lori lls said...

Yes, I am watching 24. I got into it last season when we lived here. It took the place of root beer. I dunno.

Anonymous said...

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lori lls said...

Anonymous - -

You are not a dump! If someone has been telling you that, don't believe it for a minute.

I see what you mean about the investment opportunities and how they are related to the t.v. show, 24. Oh wait, they're not related in the least bit. Nevertheless, thanks for your thoughtful comment.

But if you're rolling in the dough, why are you wasting time scouring the internet to leave random blog comments? Get out there and learn to sky-dive!

kranberrys said...

HAHAHAHA at anonymous and your reply...

Elaine said...

I have never watched the 24 series. My sister said it might scare me. :)