Wednesday, February 24, 2010

girl time

Mama Joanna, baby Cecelia, Chloe, Zoralee, and Zoey
Notice the traveling green bowl in that series.
It is so great for Zoralee to hang with Zoey and Chloe and begin to see that other children are interested in the same toy she is, at the same time. Zoey and Chloe swap toys continually and think nothing of it. When they try that trick on Zoralee, she looks at them in disbelief and wails. She's glad for an open cup policy though - everybody drinks from whatever sippy is around.


Rachel Clear said...

Haha! The green bowl is what I instantly noticed too.

Man, there is so much going on in those pictures that it's hard to pick which is my favorite thing.

I love that little row of girls... a lot of estrogen and potential for drama in that group, so the sharing toys thing makes sense!

Luke and Daphne said...

How can you stand the cuteness of your little girl? I cannot. I am leaving your blog! HA!

Rena said...

Is that FOX News that those girls were watching???

lori lls said...

Rach - - I think so too about so much going on in the lineup. Funny expressions. Whole stories you can make up about their little thoughts.

Shels - - Sometimes I can't stand the cuteness, and it's wiggity wack to think about her growing up. But these longer nights with multiple wakeups tend to even me out. :)

Mom - - yes, that was FOX, but we were watching the President's address to the nation. This is a well-rounded group of toddlers.