Thursday, March 11, 2010


Here's a phone video my mom took when I first arrived home. You can't see my hair too well with it, but you can see Zoralee's reaction or lack thereof.


This is straightened and styled, of course, and what I will mostly wear is do-nothin' curls, which'll bring it a tad shorter. If it's too much of a fro, I can go in and get another style. I'll show pics of how I am able to style it another day! Probably the day I start wondering if this was a good move! ha ha ha [crazy person laughter]!!!

The stylist, now known as "my stylist" (right? cuz if I go back, I will have been there multiple times) said my face is heart shaped on the bottom and oval on top, making me not the best candidate for very short hair, because you're trying to get an oval all over. No offense to anyone in the lookin' good industry, but that seems a teensy horse pucky-esque to me, but I had a grand time! My stylist helped me decide on this style for now. She took her jolly old time, nearly two and a half hours to be exact. I guess cutting an A line requires cutting your hair wet, then fully drying and steam-rolling it, or whatever they call it (it'll come to me - - - - - - flat-ironing), and then cutting it again dry.

Know what advice she gave me for curly hair? Only rinse your conditioner half way out, then ring out your hair and put in some product (like that silky stuff) while you're still in the shower. Only towel it lightly if at all, and let it air dry. I let it air dry all the time, but the rest of those suggestions were new.

trying to take self-portraits with a child who wants the camera

Forget this. It's upstairs to let my mother photograph.

And there you have it! Thanks for playing along, folks!

By the way, that thing on the wall in the background has become a part of our family's folklore, and I might as well tell you about it while we're here. You see, my brother, Luke, used to get picked on in high school, specifically by a kid whom he sat behind in one of his classes. The kid would turn around and punch Luke in the chest each day. One day, Luke was ready for him and had this little instrument under his sweatshirt. It's a flat board with about 100 tiny nails in it. Like a classic underdog movie, the kid turned around in class, punched Luke, squealed in pain, and realized with sadness that he couldn't exactly tattle on Luke ("I was simply punching Luke's chest and felt this tremendous pain in my hand..."). He left Luke alone thereafter.


Rachel Clear said...

It looks awesome!!

Drat! Because now I want to cut my hair short, even though I gave you a half hour lecture on how tough short hair can be to style. I can't help it! Yours looks so cute that I want it for myself as well!

I just love it, love it, love it. I've never heard the advice of puting the hair product on IN the shower, but I've tried the rest with my curls, and it works about half the time. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Who knew a hair style change could be so exciting and day-making?

Anonymous said...

Hot, hot, hot!

This is very good looking.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you should also do it.

Matching hairs would be good for sisters.

lori lls said...

Sis - oh good! Glad to hear you likey. And right, who knew it could be so day-making or all-day-taking?!

Anon - why, thank you. And who are you, please?

Christi said...

You look great! I'm also excited to see what it will look like the curly way.

I am always so uncomfortable talking to stylists, explaining what I mean in dumbspeak. Now I have a friend that cuts it and I just tell her to make me look like a cute little girl and she knows what I mean.

Shana said...

Love it! And, you are hip too!! I always love all of the styling "tips" they give but never seem to follow through with them myself...hmmmm. I can't wait to see more pictures with curls...I bet it'll be cute up with bobby pins too, etc!

jannell said...

I didn't get a chance to post earlier and tell you to go for it with the short do. I'm so glad you went through with it. Want another tip? Don't wash it everyday. You can put baby powder on your brush and use that. Or you can spread out a cotton ball into your brush and that will remove the oil. Once you have it straight, it helps to keep it that way. I also like hats with short hair.

I love it! Especially for you! Well done!

kranberrys said...

I am excited to see what it looks like curly...I am also skered of going short because of my massive curls...

kranberrys said...

Oh but it looks awesome...LOL...forgot to say that...

Rachel Clear said...

Yeah, I agree with Janell. And since we don't really produce oil, it's a good plan. I wash my hair with shampoo about every 3-4 days. I'll even ocassionally condition it, but not use shampoo, if I'm wearing girls because it makes them more moist and soft looking and less dried out.

And how did it look this morning?

Rachel Clear said...

When do we get to hear what Jason thinks of it?!

lori lls said...

Well, thanks for the input, girls, and the additional tips, Jannell! I always enjoy seeing drastic style changes on other people.

I'm loving this cut, and possibly even more the straightened style (which I understand to be temporary). So yeah, shots of curls won't be out for another day or two...whenever I wash it.

I will ask Jason to leave a comment with his reaction, Rach. :)

Elisha said...

You look "mahvelous" dahling! I love that you picked that cut. It was hard for me to do that version with my curls...but I also was not as brave as you and mine was a bit of a longer version, not much but still. HOW FUN! Reinventing does take a bit of time but it just feels great doesnt it? I was given similar advice with mine that I did follow sometimes which was just rinse it out (any product that is in there) then put conditioner on it while in the shower and not completely rinse it. But that actually sounds almost exactly like what you were already told :) Whatever works right?
You look lovely friend..have fun with it!

Me said...

This looks really, really good!

I really like it! I totally wish I had the guts to do it myself!

Jason said...

You look uber beautiful sweetheart. It takes me back to when we were 22 and 23. Can't wait to see you.


Anonymous said...

Very nice it frames your beautiful face, I hope YOU like it that's what's important I'm so tired of people trying to do my hair and taking more off than I want I decided to do it myself.

Love Ya!!

Barb,Nana,Mom :)