Friday, April 9, 2010

moment of decision


Shana said... stay or go?????

Rachel Clear said...

Hey! Is this my door knob?

lori lls said...

Shana - Well, I heard Zoralee starting to wake up in the bedroom. I could've peeked in and gotten a better assessment of her wakefulness, risking she'd see me. Or I could've left her alone to go back to sleep naturally, also risking that she'd instead cry, cry, cry herself further awake when I might've been able to bring the waking to a halt with a simple boob.

Rach - yup.

Shana said...

so, which did you do? ha ha

lori lls said...

I peeked in ever so slowly.

Then I let her fall back to sleep.

So......both. :) I'm a poor decision maker.