Friday, April 9, 2010

our spring trip, post 2: seeing Jason (yaaaay!)

open seats + a sleeping child = glorious airplane moment getting to know the motel room first thing
we three
to lounge in the hot tub or read my book? oh, the questions a girl faces...
out to eat Z carried her Sassy Seat to and from breakfast each day (note the industrious expression).
Here she's also trying on my shoes, not an efficient combination.
Let's just say if she'd have been playing basketball, she would not have been called for traveling.


Rachel Clear said...

Haha! (That last line, which I'm surprised you know, but then I forget that we were both basketball managers).

This was great. I love her little swimsuit pictures. And... I love knowing that thanks to all her bizarre and constant movements, she will end up with nice abs, unlike her auntie. :)

This was great. The back of her head looking out the plane is real precious.

Post more!

lori lls said...

I will post more, soon as I get some unpacking done! It's a sty around here.

Shana said...

Great to see the three of you together!!!! She's a hoot!