Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sheet music beauties

Okay, this is an entirely worthless blog post. It's late, and I should be getting into bed, but I'll make it snappy. Maybe you'll get a chuckle, like I did, out of this selection of sheet music covers someone had passed along to me at some point.

Rrright. And that's why I requested the restraining order.

a bold proclamation of it being no secret,
and then - cautiously, in parentheses, secretly? - of what God can do

in case you are unclear on the pronunciation of ricochet...
Wait, maybe it's a play on words about an Irish guy. I should've read the lyrics.

I suspect there was a mirror around when these gals decided on their name.
They only later must've realized that for every album cover,
they'd have to turn sideways for their identity to be fully believed.

That has GOT to be Eddie Murphy's great grandfather on the left.
The expressions are perfectly nailed.

waaay outside, with that kind of look and cleavage

Nice try, Pat Boone. I ain't fallin' for the old "Look up there!" trick again.
Instead of that smart side-step, how's about you stop right there and empty your trousers.  

This does not remind me of a guy who cares about little white clouds that cry.
But then, let's be honest. Who of us does?


Shana said...

Ha! Definitely related to Eddie Murphey...definitely!!

ms emili louann said...

giggle, giggle :)

Rachel Clear said...

Hahahahah! Sis, this made me laugh so hard. Your comments, mainly.

I'm going to need to re-post this. Ahahahahah!

Rena said...

I'm sure these are extremely valuable collector's items! Maybe one of your wealthy readers will contact you with a bid that will set us all up for life :)