Wednesday, June 16, 2010

z and the beat box keyboard

This is Zoralee discovering a little Yamaha keyboard I received my 10th or 11th year. I can't believe it has lain practically dormant for 20 plus years, the beautiful and artful machine that it is. I told the family if they'd only buy me this keyboard, it would be the Christmas present to end all Christmas presents. Within a couple of weeks, I realized the foolishness of my rash wish. But, it's a lifelong commitment - no Christmas presents ever again. Booooo.

Well, enjoy miss Zoralee as she dances and plays! This video is a little on the loud (annoying side) at points, but the ending is the best; she goes into horror film mode around 1:40 as she executes the oft neglected Full-Body Keyboard Playing.

Those of you who don't know Z personally might not realize how unusual it is for her to be giggly and huggy, which you'll see in the first footage from Day 1. She's just so excited about this thing and all its buttons.


Rena said...

I love this! Every time I watch it I get to re-live those extremely rare hugs. She was so giddy and excited about the keyboard that I got more hugs in those few minutes than in the past 18 months. Little Miss Independent :)

amy frances said...

I love how her response to being so excited was to give so many hugs! And look at that little dance! Aaaaaaah, sooooo adorable! What a brilliant kid.

I had one of those around that age. Mine was Casio. Same deal too—the last Christmas present ever I would ever ever want. Until the next year, when life wasn't complete without Paula Abdul cassette tapes and a tiny radio for playing them.

Rachel Clear said...

Hahahahah! WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS WITH THE HUGGING?!? That has to be a record amount of hugs she gave out right there. Mom must've been in heaven. Holy smokes!

She must have been just so delighted and moved by the music that it filled her with such a sense of well-being and gladness that she just couldn't help herself. In the other videos, it also looks like maybe she's a bit embarassed by how excited she is?

I love these!

I want to post the one where she is sitting and she gets so excited that she jumps to her feet and dances.

These are great, sis, totally great. I am going to watch this 5,672 times today.

Rachel Clear said...

...and her little butt shaking right around 0:36. Man.

Shana said...

Love the full body key-boarding and especially all the concentration that goes along with it!