Sunday, November 14, 2010

bit o' ramblin'

I am excited to blabbety blab blab about this pregnancy and other goings on, but I've enjoyed letting that Prego picture linger at the top of my blog.

But, real quick, any opinions out there about the threat level that nursing for 15 minutes in 24 hours could pose on a developing fetus? I'm thinking, "next to nothing." Jason is more worried. Zoralee still nurses before bed and nap, and once in the middle of the night, for a total of 15 minutes tops. I'm tired all the time. All the time. Major insomnia every night. I'm sure giving Z some of my hard-earned calories doesn't help my daytime fatigue level (getting sleep would!), but shouldn't I be able to compensate for the nursing with extra caloric intake? I wanted to ask the nurse midwife this question and a few others, but we didn't have time...for...any...questions at our first visit (?!). But that's for another post: nurse-midwives and home birth midwives are two separate balls of wax. Okay, that's a broad, unfair statement. My home birth midwife in Montana and the nurse midwife practice here in Texas (which I chose simply because they're covered by insurance; I won't even be here for the delivery) have such different approaches! I never knew! I am learning.

Off the subject, raise your hand if it drives you BATTY that most National Geographic shows play dramatic music no matter what's happening. A bird drinks from a calm stream. Duhn-duhn-duhn! A monkey scratches its ear. Duhn-duhn-duhn! Jason wants to make a series called "Mediocre Migrations," where average things happen to average animals, and the narrator tells about it real relaxed-like.

It has been serious winter weather here in southern Texas, with daytime temperatures dipping into the 70's. I have been craving comfort foods - soups, stews, chocolate cake. Oh, I guess I like chocolate cake year round. 

The other day, I was talking to this lady about kids and what they watch on t.v. I told her I let Zoralee watch Dora The Explorer. She said to me, all resigned, and with a far-off look in her eye, "Yeah, they all start on Dora." I wanted to laugh out loud, but she wasn't being funny. I guess Dora the Explorer is the gateway cartoon.

Nighty night, friends.


Rachel Clear said...

Dora as the gateway... haha! But probably true.

Good post. I'm excited for you to really get blabbity over this pregnancy now that it's out there. Go for it! Blog, blog, blog about it!

Team Baliko said...

Lori~ Real quick for now:
1.) I, too, can't wait to hear you blabbity blab blab over this pregnancy.
2.) I'm still nursing Annie - I think a lot more than you are Z... My midwives aren't concerned about it at all. I don't think you should worry about it.
3.) This morning I made (cue sound , National Geographic-style) Nut Flour Cookies! Yum, yum, yum. Annie loves them, too. I am a bit worried, though, that they may be the gateway cookie. Oh, well.

Shana said...

It isn't a problem to still nurse Zoralee, especially that little. Have you had your hemoglobin checked to make sure you aren't'd be unlikely I think because you are such a healthy eater but still a thought and maybe a thyroid level (that can also make it difficult to carry a pregnancy~ie, more prone to miscarriages, etc). Just a thought....

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

This was my experience with nursing my babies...
I nursed on demand, anytime day or night for 6 to 9 months, then slowing started weaning nursing time. By then they are having solid food.I can't remember when we stopped having middle of the night nursing, maybe 6 months, or when they slept through the night.I think they were sleeping through the night at 6 months.Then there was no morning or nap nursing, last to go was night time. My babies were eating food & not nursing by 16 months.
So maybe if you can take a feeding or two out(say the middle of the night...I do not do well with waking in the night)
You could feed her more food when you are snacking along too.
Just my thoughts.
Take care,

Rena said...

Good idea about checking for anemia. I had it, and so did Mom. Maybe you can get caught up a little on your rest while I'm there :)

lori said...

Great suggestions, ladies. Thanks, Rach, for being excited. :) Yes, Darla, the gateway cookie indeed. Ha! Shana, I had blood taken at my first appointment, and I'm scheduled for a follow up next week to go over the results. Very well could be anemia. I guess in the meantime, I should eat a lot of red meat? I'll look it up...
And thanks, Nancy, for your nursing comments. I always love to hear how you did things. And Mom, uhh, offer accepted!

Shana said...

Red meat, beans, eggs, fish....any protein that sounds goot to you. Even if you aren't anemic the protein in general may boost your energy right now anyways.

Mars said...

Hey here's my 2 cents :)

First of all - yaaaaay!!! So excited for you!!!!

About the nursing - my sister is pregnant right now with her SIXTH child in 8 years. Needless to say they are all super close together! And, she has nursed through all the pregnancies, and they have all been just fine. Although, it is a little funny to see her nursing a little one who's totally chilling on her big old pregnant belly! ;)

I totally agree that you really should get a little bloodwork - just to check for low thyroid and anemia. No, I'm not a doctor, but I do have both of those conditions and they contribute to the extra exhaustion during pregnancies and my miscarriages (sorry I'm not trying to scare you, but I just really want the best for you and this wee little one!)

On second thought, I have a friend who just found out she's having TWINS, and she's been WAAAAY extra, there's a possibility, hmmm???

Oh, and the Dora as a gateway, hilarious. Charlie is a bit of a video-head, and yep, it all started with Dora... Beware!!! :)

Elaine said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!!! How exciting! I have been so out of checking blogs... I enjoyed catching up with yours again. :)

melissa said...

Breastfeeding while pregnant: breastfeeding releases less oxytocin than orgasm, so unless you cut sex out of your life for the sake of your fetus, your nursling is okay to keep it up as often as she likes/you like.

lori said...

Thanks, Melissa and Shana! Okay, I'll keep it all up - eating, sex, nursing. It's a lot of work being pregnant!

Mars, ha! I've considered the possibility of twins (gulp), but with the family history, it probably is anemia and/or a hormone imbalance. I should find out Tuesday.

Hi Elaine!

melissa said...

Floradix liquid iron supplement is the best supplement if you have trouble improving your iron with diet, or can't stand meat when preggers, like me!

Would love to hear a post on the differences between nurse midwives and the other option--we don't have anything but registered midwives who do home and hospital deliveries, and illegal lay midwives here in my part of Canada. Very few lay midwives, because registered midwives are so well integrated in our system.

Are you going home to squeeze your baby out? (like, home to your parents' farm) What about your hubby?

lori said...

Melissa, I'm leaning toward a Montana delivery, yes. But that means basically not going to North Dakota until after the baby's born, so living apart from J for another 2-3 months. [major sad face] Because, sure I could hang out in ND until it looks like delivery is close at hand, but that means not being near the delivery midwife during the last months of pregnancy. Not a great idea, you know? And that means getting prenatal care from yet ANOTHER party. Plus, that's assuming I will go into labor at a predictable time and can get to MT in time.

I haven't asked Mom and Dad yet if I can pop out another kid in their basement, but I can't imagine them saying no. Hi, Mom! Can I?