Friday, November 19, 2010


Haven't sat down at the computer to blog in several days (obviously), partially because of an unexpected trip north of Austin to buy a Subaru we found on craigslist. Great deal, great transaction. Woop! Plus while we were there, we found an old double-jogger for $50. Double woop! Just in time for baby Bennett's visit southward. I took it out for a test run yesterday, and this is weird, but it actually pulls you along and encourages you to jog! Like, walking with it seems unbearably slow, maybe because you're looking over at your tractor-trailer-sized shadow. I think I strained a muscle in my leg, which figures. If you jog only thrice a year, don't expect pretty results.

Anyway, I've still been lethargic and snaily, so I thought this would be a good time to post snail pics from a few weeks ago. Zoralee and I gathered these snails one morning after a night of rain. Somehow, despite the best efforts of the humans, a semblance of nature is thriving way deep down in the moist crevices of our manicured 2x10' lawn. 

the beginning of the photo shoot, when everybody was tucked snugly into their shell

close-up of the "a," 20 seconds later, when everybody started getting antsy
farting around - nobody takes their work seriously anymore

less than 2 minutes after the original picture

a bonus find!

I guess this would be a good time to mention that I have had this random fear whenever I stick my hand down into our sink drain, which I do to ensure there are no runaway silverwares before I start the disposal. Other people do that too, right? Anyway, lately I keep thinking there's going to be a dead mouse in there. How/why it would be there, I have no idea, but this thought seems to be a result of Rachel's and Amy's recent posts about finding little creatures in their homes. Another funny little way of being connected to people in tangible ways through blogville. Well, and Rachel is my sister too. But I've never met Amy, yet I think of her at random times anymore, like when I see birds. We're all connected, people.


2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Fun pictures of the snails!
Glad to hear about you good deals too.
Have a great time with your family around Thanksgiving.
Christine is headed to San Antonio
the first week of December. Her fiance graduates from his first step in the Air Force.
Take care,

Rachel Clear said...

Hmm... I am guessing that by posting photos of snails and frogs, you meant to discourage me from visiting. Well, it worked.

Refunded ticket as we speak.

Oh wait! You have a double jogger. I guess I'll still come. But I'm riding IN it, to avoid the snails and frogs.

tamie said...

Your creativity makes me happy.

Amy said...

What great photos! I especially like the close-up of the "a".

Christi said...

I randomly think of you all the time! And now I have another reason to...snails.

lori said...

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lori said...

That was Zoralee's contribution to the discussion. Actually, she insisted she was drawing a picture for Grandpa and Grandma. There you have it.

amy frances said...

I think of you when I see felt hats and the color orange. Not icky road-construction orange. That nice, rusty, dark-pumpkin orange.

I don't know why.

amy frances said...

Oh! I think I figured it out.

I have a felt hat that's dark-pumpkin orange, which I bought at Ten Thousand Villages, my first visit to which was with Tamie, who, on that day, told me how she knew you, while we browsed in an art gallery around the corner from Ten Thousand Villages.

Yeah, that's it.

Shana said...

I still find the frog in the picture the funniest honor of Rachel's upcoming visit!! Plus, how ingenious to think of such a project with snails.