Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"God gave this balloon to me."

*   *   *   *   *

This morning, we started receiving some winter apparel I've been buying on ebay, in anticipation of heading to Montana in March. 

          Me: Oh, Zoralee, these are your snow boots!
          Zoralee: I want to go snowin' in my snow boots!


Rachel Clear said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAhahaha! Is that little clothing-taggy-thingy the thing that Zoralee is referring to as a balloon?

And snowin' in her boots... that will be fabulous.

Rena said...

I laugh every time I look at these pictures, because I can just hear her saying that. But then I feel sad, envisioning some poor little girl who has to pretend that a tiny piece of plastic is her balloon. Good thing I know she was playing with it by choice and not necessity! ☺

lori said...

Yes, the clothes tag is the balloon. I guess EVERYBODY's on a budget these days, even God.