Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a small point of clarification about X-Box vs homesteading

It occurred to me that it was a bit rude to say Jason may as well be making a homestead during his off hours than playing X-Box. Jason himself rarely plays X-Box. I simply used that as a generic, veg-out type of activity that humans sometimes engage in. 

And I thank ye.


Rachel Clear said...

Oh, sis. We know. We know.

Everyone can probably gather enough about Jason to know he isn't one to whittle away all the hours in the world playing X-box. :)

But this was a fine clarification indeed anyhow.

Rena said...

If Jason were spending all his time playing X-Box, Zoralee would have told us about it by now :) You can't hide things like that when you have such a bright 2-year old!