Wednesday, January 26, 2011

one, one, one

We are home from San Antonio. In brief form, here are the results. More to come tomorrow.

*  All is well. Thank you, God; all is well.
*  There is one baby.
*  He or she is very cute, at least in the one head he has - and two arms.
*  The technician didn't show us the legs, at the risk of us sighting the gender. We're a bit sad about that now, just because, as long as we were looking, it would've been nice to see the whole of the baby's shape. We almost waffled on the gender secrecy, right there in the exam room. It was so tempting! Ultrasounds are pretty neat.
*  Baby's organs are healthy. The heart beats and beats, beautifully.
*  I cannot believe how cool the spine and ribs are. Who told those to form so uniformly? How is my body doing this??
*  Growth is on target. Weight appears to be one pound and one ounce.
*  If they hadn't otherwise been told how far along I was, they'd put my due date at May 31, based on the baby's development. This is one day earlier than the midwives put it. So, basically, the same.
*  The placenta is in a good place; no previa. 
*  I am one relieved mama, and Jason, one relieved papa. Like the cutest papa-to-be, he watched the DVD several times as soon as we got home, analyzing it for facial structure and eyelashes, calling us over to see what he'd found.

Friends, thank you for your comments of support! I feel the prayers. I was prepared for a rocky journey, and it is such a relief knowing that that's not my path to walk this time, for now anyway. I can only fight the battles, make the choices, and live the life that's right in front of me. At least, it makes for a lot less anxiety that way. But now what will I worry about, since this baby's development seems to be on track?! I'm open for suggestions. Just kidding; I'll think of something on my own in no time, or else I'll turn on the news for ideas.

But truly, thank you for reading and thank you for your presence.


Christi said...

It's a boy.

Rachel Clear said...

That was my thought too! I mean, the kid must've had three legs (ahem) if they were worried you'd see it. Right?

But really, it'll be a surprise either way, and I go back and forth on which I'd prefer. On the one hand, it would be so cool to see how different another girl would be from Zor. But on the other hand, to get to share in mothering a little boy with you would be so fun too!

So glad you're feeling so relieved and temporarily at peace.

Here's an idea: worry no more.

Rena said...

I was really relieved by the results today too, mostly for your benefit. But it made my day! I never had ultrasounds of any of my pregnancies so I didn't ever get to experience that, but I know it must be pretty cool.

My only advice now would be to just save up on all your worrying until your kids are teenagers and young adults. That's when you'll need it most!! :)

Amy @ Anktangle said...

I'm so glad to hear this news. =)

amy frances said...

What did Zoralee think of the ultrasound?

ms emili louann said...

Praise be to the Lord.

Elaine said...

I am so happy to hear everthing looks good. I always have a few fears myself going into the ultrasounds. I am excited to hear the gender of this little one. :)

lori said...

I've been thinking "boy" already, and the ultrasound solidified that hunch.

But I too go back and forth. For Jason, I'd love it to be a boy. He would have so much fun with a little guy. And it would be a change up, so that is appealing. But really, since no two babies are alike, he or she will be a whole new experience anyway!

Amy - Zoralee was pretty disinterested. Who wants to spend 15 minutes watching a black and white, fuzzy screen that obviously shows nothing of importance? She walked around the room and mentioned that it was dark in there, which it was. Otherwise, she ate fruit snacks.

Shana said...

Yay for peace of mind! That's my guess, too....a BOY!!! Those peters; they are much much more easier to see on ultrasounds so he must have been hangin' out there the silly guy! Good for you, though for having such great restraint!

God is good!

melissa said...

hooray thanks for the update!

you've had your share of difficult path to walk, momma. enjoy your healthy pregnancy! you've earned it. AND, instead, worry about all those fingers and toes and long hairs and long yarns.