Tuesday, June 14, 2011

what we see in Ziah Dwight by day 3

Ziah - light; working; to tremble; a type of grain
Dwight - Mountain of Zeus; devotee of Dionysos (Greek god of fertility); but most importantly, the name of Jason's father and grandfather 

our Ziah Dwight

only cries occasionally and briefly
easily soothable (wow, what a delicious trait)
will have brown eyes, per Papa
will have blue eyes, per Mama
likes to cuddle, have his face close to yours, or somehow be touching
stout little guy - broad shoulders, thick thighs, 2 discernible starts to biceps
likes to eat
quick grower (8 lbs, 13 oz on day 3, which is up 4 oz from birth weight)
has toots of sulphur
at the opposite end of the anxious/mellow spectrum as Zoralee
contemplative and quiet
has Mama's toe and foot style (where Zora has Papa's)
laid back
cutest freckle on top of the head (which, sadly, will be covered by hair most of his life but could make a reappearance in old age)
peaceful to be around


melissa said...


Shana said...

Of COURSE he has biceps!!! I mean look at that kid! You grew a great one, Lori! And how great is that he is opposite of Zoralee in many aspects. Isn't it wonderful. They will complement eachother in crazy ways as siblings. I forsee a great relationship between those two....in about 22 years!! ;-)

ms emili louann said...

Toots of sulfur. Love it.

Elaine said...

Congratulations! He is so cute. I am glad everything is going well. :)