Tuesday, July 5, 2011

from the mountains to the prairies

The kids (plural -whoa) my mama, and i came by train to north Dakota a few weeks back, Jason and kaladi by station wagon. No Internet yet, but by gum, when we get it, I've got stories and photos galore. This blippet alone is taking forever by iPhone, and blogger won't allow pics from the device (or I don't know how yet).

We'll catch y'all soon!


The Caldwell's said...

Can't wait to hear all the stories and to see some new pics!! Love you guys!

Shana said...

miss you!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'll have to come visit you guys, while I still find myself here in South Dakota. Funny thing: even though I've got family in SD and have been here a zillion times, I've never been to ND! It's actually one of about seven states that I haven't visited.


P.S. How was the train ride?

lori said...

Thanks, people! It's good to be back.

Jon - visit anytime! I've driven across the state's east-west freeway numerous times and have never been particularly drawn to ND, but where we live up near the Turtle Mountains is surprisingly different from the rest of the state. It'd be worth a trip.

Tamie said...

Yay! You're back! And welcome to ND! Can't wait to see & hear more.