Friday, July 25, 2008

the big wedding!

Aaaaand, it’s over! After months and months of preparation on the part of many people, most pointedly the bride herself, Rachel’s marriage has taken place to Cameron Peyton Clear, whom we love. They happen to both highly value friendships and keep them alive and vibrant over years’ time, as was evident by their wedding party of twenty people. Friends and family from childhood, school, church, work, and skiing came from everywhere (including folks fresh in from Brazil, east Asia, and Africa) to take part in not only the big day itself, but events before and afterwards. People rode horses, visited the Park, swam in the lakes, barbequed, and sort of had one big vacation together. It was a beautiful show of support and community to get a couple started on their journey.

One cool / hilarious part was that Cameron wanted to be baptized while he was here, thinking it would be him, Rachel, and my dad present. It turned into a 14-car caravan to Glacier Park, each vehicle stuffed to the gills with people so we’d have to pay less entrance fees. We didn’t have a specific destination, but knew we wanted to be somewhere on the shore of Lake McDonald, which is about 10 miles long. We had to find a spot with enough pullout space to accommodate everyone and to coordinate it via cell phones and handheld radios.

I couldn’t take shots of the ceremony itself since I was a bridesmaid, but how’s about I tell you instead? The wedding party lined up five men and five women on each side, the women wearing black dresses of their choosing and holding simple lily bouquets in oranges and pinks. Rachel looked precisely like a princess, albeit more chic. Our dad pastors a Church of God congregation here, and Cameron’s dad pastors a Unitarian congregation in Indiana, so they co-officiated the ceremony. Cam and Rach said traditional vows and then personal ones. As Jason said later, Cam’s vows made the other guys look like kindergartners. They were so sincere and well thought out. Our favorite line was that he would always check out the bumps in the night for Rachel. For her portion of the personal vows, she sang “Answer” by Sarah McLachlan. Then Jason and I sang a Bonnie Prince Billy song while they took communion that says, “I called you back to a place beside me,” sort of a double meaning song, for human-human love and God-human love. My brothers and cousins backed us up on instruments. And whooo boy, the dance floor was hot! We even got my parents out there cutting a rug.

Here are some shots from Holly.

and a few other shots...

Erin's under there straightening something out.

four siblings and three spouses

Me and Jace and the bump


Anonymous said...

Wowza! You said it just wouldn't be a conversation with me without a tear being shed. So here I am looking at that BEAUTIFUL picture of you and J and your belly and my eyes are all welled up. Our hearts are with you when our bodies can't be :) Chloe sends her love-

Autumn and Dan's family said...

I second that WOW! Look at that baby bump! So beautiful! Looks like a fun celebration too...

lori lls said...

Thanks, friends! It's fun having a bump when it bumps back at you, isn't it? And it's real fun to have people say your bump looks nice.