Friday, July 25, 2008


My Pops raises and trains horses to sell or use, specializing in Tennessee Walkers. When we arrived in late spring, there weren't any unbroken colts to work with, but as seems to happen around here, some showed up. A family that bought four Walkers from Dad a few years back (two mares with a colt each) found they weren't riding much and wanted the horses to be back in good care.

So, long story short, Jason has had a chance to break a couple of three year old horses! He has loved working with Harley, seen in the shots below, and he’s just starting in with Dusty Brown, a very shy and small one.

Dad uses the Horse Whisperer and Natural Horsemanship-type training, in which you work gently and in a relaxed state with the horses, teaching them to respond to light and subtle commands. He doesn’t use bits or spurs, and yet these are some of the most responsive horses you’ll ever run across. Also, because he imprints them when they’re young, by touching and petting them a lot, they are personable and almost dog-like in their desire to get close and cuddly with you. Anybody want to buy a Tennessee Walking horse? Awesome. See his website at A shameless plug for me old man.

Here’s Dad riding in the July 4th parade in support of a friend of his who’s running for State House position.

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