Friday, July 25, 2008

There have been many a good thing in our lives these days, many a good encounter, many a good person, many a good event, many a good gift, other than not making much money. We are blessed and fortunate. It is a rich and full season, and I recognize it as such; not all of them are, or at least they don’t all feel that way. I’ve had some extra time for reflection and quietness the last couple of days, as I’m to lay low and let heal a very inflamed pelvic ligament, probably the result of too much wedding dancing. Thus, extra time for blogging. What follows is a variety of thoughts and pics from the last few weeks, starting of course with Rachel and Cam’s wedding that took place Saturday.

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Christi said...

Those darn pelvic ligaments! But I'm glad yu had to lay low so I could have the chance to see all this richness in your lives. Man, your belly is the cutest thing ever. Keep taking pictures of it because it is so fun to show them later on how their mommy carried them around for so long, safe and secure.

I'm so happy for Rachel!! That looked like one of the most fun weddings ever.