Monday, September 1, 2008

another protein idea

As I wrote in a previous blog, it's tough to eat the recommended amount of protein in spregnancy, but today my own dear mother made known another tip to me that I wish to share. If you're not expecting a child and not expecting to expect one soon, tuck this gem away for a rainy, spregnant day, or for just a low-protein day. (Gosh, I am feeling less and less inclusive blogging about babies since there is clearly an epidemic going on around our nation, and the participants seem to increasingly be people I know and love - woot woot!)

When my mother fries bacon by pan or bakes it by oven, she makes extra and freezes it in a baggie. Then, on days that she wants a simple tomato soup for lunch, she'll grab a few sticks of bacon and crumble them into it. Same with any soup, salad, or a number of things. She is a danged smart lady. As a sidenote, this would work for beef briscuit bacon or non-meat bacon or what have you.

Another thing. My mother can fit more dishes into a dish washer and have them come out clean than anybody else's mother. Guaranteed.

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