Monday, September 1, 2008

new old chair

I'm pretty excited about this chair that I recently purchased at a thrift store for twenty-eight dollars and fifty cents. It is so astoundingly comfortable and only has a couple small cracks which I can fix with glue.

Jason is pretty not excited about the 1960's Sears record player that I purchased the next day at a garage sale for twenty-five dollars. This is only because the record player doesn't work. But to make up for it, I also got some really cool old records, like a Dr. Seuss story and random latin music! And I firmly believe that someone will be able to make the old beauty spin like she used to. If you are that someone, call me right away.

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tamie said...

Okay, so I love that once a week I get to check your blog and have this whole feast of entries to read!!!!!!!! I love it. Tell Jason to take a deep breath. In no time at all, you'll be snuggling in the chair while the records are spinning.... :)XO