Tuesday, April 28, 2009

haikus on parenthood

all things that you drop
socks, pacies, blankets, toys, fruit
go under the bed

got cricks in my wrists
babies are hard on bodies
chiropractor says

Friends! Want to have a haiku-off in celebration of parenthood / your folks / your kids? The haiku style I'm thinking of has three lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables. Email or comment me your haikus (stillwalking2002 at yahoo.com). On or around Mother's Day I'll post them all in one big blog.


Rachel Clear said...

Want to make baby
Tell me how you made yours, k?
Will try anything.

There, sis. There is the "trying to conceive" haiku you requested. :)

lori lls said...

Good! I thought of another for conception attempts:

want to be Mommy
to a little girl or boy
come hither, Husband

Rena said...

How's this?

want to be Grandma
to a little girl or boy...
get busy, children.

I admit, that didn't take much work. I'll put more thought into my next submission.

Christi said...

the perfect outlet for me right now...you might get several of these from me :)

subbing every day
thoughts of my own through it all
we will be okay

Rachel Clear said...

Ha! Nice one, mom (and sis).

And Christi, that was pretty sweet too. :)

Rachel Clear said...

Here's another:

Tried to make baby.
Gave husband full body rash.
Maybe anxiety?

We will try again
With less pressure and stress, yes?
It shall be success.

Rachel Clear said...

Shoot. My last two stanzas ended with 5, not 4. I'm an idiot.

Wait, now I see that ALL of my stanzas accidentally ended with a 5-syllable liner. Doh!

lori lls said...

Rach - you got it right! 5, 7, and 5. Sorry to hear about Cam's rash. Dang.

handfull of johnsons said...

More haikus for Rachel:

Baby making tip-
The glow in the dark night cream
may have caused the rash.

Your friends are praying
your bodies will line up soon.
Mini skiier, come.

Rachel Clear said...

Hahahhaa! Awesome, Darbi, awesome.