Thursday, April 30, 2009

status of "the other" chickens

As for the chickens who aren't in the freezer, there are 10 egg-layers of the breed called Barred Plymouth Rocks. Someday they may be totally free-range, but there are a couple of steps between now and then: 1. our dogs and the neighborhood dogs must realize they shouldn't eat the chickens, and 2. they must then yearn to protect the chickens from hawks, eagles, coyotes, and foxes. Meanwhile, we'll keep them in this portable daytime yurt that Jason built. It is easily moved around the yard for fresh grass and bugs.

We think that PVC pipe would be great material for kids to fort-build with. What you see there cost less than $30 and is infinitely adjustable, and you could use tarps, blankets, sheets, whatever for walls. If the whole thing caves in due to design flaws, it's so light it wouldn't matter! Some zip ties and chicken wire rounded off the supplies we needed.

This is the day we moved the main chicken coop to a better spot in the yard, pulling it with the pickup and rolling it on logs. (Yes, Zoralee is referred to as Zoey, a common mistake since she has a little friend named Zoey.)

all settled in and roosting for the night


Rachel Clear said...

There are a few things I love about this post:

1st, I love that Zoralee already has friends at 5 months. Awesome. Isn't it so weird to imagine her actually playing with and talking to friends? Crazy!

2nd, the first few seconds of the video were GREAT (when Zoralee was in it).

3rd, things are looking like red-neck central back home. Maybe Cam and I should come home for a bit and preppie things back up.

4th, the yurt that Jason built is so cool! I WISH we'd had stuff like that when we were young and building forts. We actually had to go find WOOD and steal items from the house to build our forts in the woods.

5th, Jason left a shirt here last month when you were in Portland. I know it's his because it looks exactly like the one he's wearing in the video.

6th, I love you lots.

Lindsay said...

It is fun to see your chickens...we have 3 of our own, one of which is a Barred Rock. I can't belive how fast they grow! Jason did an aweseome job on the chicken house. So, have you gotten your first egg yet?

Anonymous said...

Good Job!! Of course I knew you guys could do anything. Looks like a nice Mother-in-law suite you could roll me around for the sun,

Mom,Barb ,Nana.

lori lls said...

The coop is a little nicer than most, simply because Jason really wanted my mom to be okay with it in the yard. :)

Lindsay, we should start getting eggs in June. We are so excited for that. I saw your little chickies. They are adorable! I love how you got three kinds.

Anonymous said...

Now for Papa and daughter to go snuggle!! After a hard day's work!!

I miss my Babies's Jason and Zoralee!

Justin M. Billing said...
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Justin M. Billing said...

Thank you for a great idea. Just yesterday I built a removable cover for our turtle pond using PVC, chicken wire, and cable ties, inspired by this post. I had a similar dilemma. Must keep turtle safe from dog, ravens, and squirrels, but also need to get in periodically to weed and change water. This is a simple, inexpensive, and versatile solution. Thanks!