Friday, May 1, 2009

elks and deers

I think of Corky from the movie, "Waiting for Guffman," when I say elks and deers in the improper plural like that. That's a GREAT movie, if you're a fan of dry, mockumentary style humor.

Now then.
Doesn't Jason look determined here? Shoulders back. Jaw set.
He was getting out of the way, thinking I was photographing Zoralee.
It makes me giggle.
We went walking as a larger family group a few evenings ago (so, including Mom and Pops), to the woods nearby in search of the elk. It was blustery and cold, but we were rewarded with a fieldful of critters, which we watched for about twenty minutes. Here's a short clip that shows them in the distance. Sorry about the cruddy quality - it's with my point and shoot camera. Especially watch for the running deers' reflection in the puddle.


melissa said...

hey, did you ever get your ergo? i have seen no sign of it in your pix...

matt said...

"Nothing ever happens in Blain"

"Stool Boom!"

"Just go into Dairy Queen, get a Coke . . . ."


handfull of johnsons said...

What a life!

lori lls said...

Yes, Melissa, I got it, but she was about three months old already, so I didn't order the infant insert. Then, it seemed like she was a little petite to fit well in it without the insert, or rather I kept thinking her legs were too splayed. I am carrying her a lot more now that she is bigger! I do dig it.