Friday, April 16, 2010

zodiac boots

I mentioned these boots in passing awhile back. They are fantastic. I went on a boot buying frenzy one time and wound up with like five pairs of boots. I hadn't meant for it to happen. I just kept winning bids on ebay. My competition sense overrode my common sense, see. Except in this case.

I have to be honest though. When I wear these particular boots, which is rare, but which I had opportunity to do several weeks ago for a show of my brother's music that I played in, I have two nearly paralyzing negative feelings, which I'm fixing to tell you about. Fortunately, they have corresponding redemptive feelings that I can try to focus on.

Sad thought #1: It's a solid bummer that every girl can't have a pair of boots like this. No kidding, I try to avoid the eyes of any onlookers who are not hiding their jealousy well. It breaks me up inside - not enough to hand over my boots, you know, but enough to be heartsick. I like competition in sports and games, just for fun, but then I wish we could all win. Am I reading jealousy into their eyes, because these boots are THAT cool to me? I dunno. You tell me. Are they sweet? Before you answer, you should know that the soles are made of a really unique, grippy rubber. Also, it takes time, on the order of minutes, to put on each boot, so you totally get into the zone of wearing them. The old school zone of corsets and fancy dresses and barn dances. What clothing articles take time to put on, in these casual, flippant days? (I realize long time lacers could be considered negative, because the whole time you're thinking, "Gosh, if I fall off a horse and my foot gets stuck in the stirrup, no way I'm kicking these things off. I'm getting THRASHED by that runaway horse.") So, there's the first sadness.

A redemptive realization that I'm just now having is this, though: because of the miracle of blogging, at least you people know they exist and can be on the lookout for a pair of your own! They are a brand called Zodiac. Most of the Zodiac boots that come up on google images are pretty westerny for my tastes, but gosh, these ones are great, right? And I found out in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport recently that cowgirl boots are way in style with dark jeans and silky tops, especially if you sit in a waiting area with a laptop and do very important business.
shakin' an these boots
(thanks for the pic, Heather)
Sad thought #2: It's a crying shame that I haven't got the calves to properly fill out these boots. I really cinch 'em down to where zero tongue is showing, and there's still space. On the other hand, Zoralee is destined to have thicker legs than me (how could she not?), so she will be stunning when she wears them with shorter skirts.
Or any of you would look stunning, if you paid me several hundred dollars for these boots.


Elisha said...

woo hoo! fancy lady showing some leg! Them are some lovely boots my friend. I fancied Dr Martens boots when I was in high school and I desparately wanted a pair very similar to those ones. Maybe it is a good thing you are far away...with smaller feet :)

Shana said...

Wooo heee....all I have to say is:
Sexy Mama!!!
And yeah, you always did have the skiniest, tiniest ankles and calves, poor thing you. Picture me mock playing a violin for you. Ha!

Rachel Clear said...

I still love (and am jealous of) those beautiful boots!

But man, the thought of Zoralee being old enough and big enough to wear them ever is just TRIPPY!