Saturday, April 17, 2010

our spring trip, post 4: Portland with Rach, Cam, Poppy, and kitties

Rach is about 22 weeks along here with Poppy, otherwise known now as Baby B.
Little story: one night at Ethiopian food, Rach asked what my guess was for the baby's name,
because I told her I knew. My first guess was Bo, and I was preparing a poem for him:
Little Bo Clear
Had lost his skier
And didn't know where to find her.
He sought and he searched
And he learned with a lurch
She's a photo in his black Steno binder.
Rachel said, "Nope, not Bo. It's more of a last name." And for a split second, I could nearly see the name in print before my eyes. Out I blurted it, with hardly a thought more! Rachel and Cam were flabbergasted, as was I, because none of us know anyone by this name. They just made it up then later discovered it is a last name. So, I am feeling pretty good/weirded out about that little guessing situation. Right now, for the low low price of $39.99, I will tell ye your futures...
Zoralee takes to Cam like a duck to water. She especially loves for him to chase her down the hallway, but she'll make do with whatever activity gives her the chance to flirt it up.
Ruling the world isn't easy. Believe you me.
Aunt Rachel let Zoralee unwind a basketful of yarn one evening.
You can see there Sumo joining in on the yarning of the living room. (last two pics by Rachel)
Thanks, Rach and Cam, for the fabulous week! We love to hang out, eat delicious foods from all about Portland, take pretty drives, and laugh and laugh. And get totally inspired to clean up our lives from one simple episode of "Clean House."


Shana said...

I love her picture with your glasses on....boy she is a beaut!!! Are they naming their babe Carter. I've always wished my last name wasn't Carter because I think that would be a cool first name for a boy but ya' know, wouldn't work for us...Carter Carter...yeah, just not cool...

Rachel Clear said...

This is a great post!

I'd still love to see the video of Zor tap-dancing and giving speeches, but this is just great, great, great! I love it.

Cam and I just sit around watching the little videos of that trip all day long, so it's nice to see pictures (since our blasted camera was broken the whole time).

You were a blogging wonderwoman this week!