Friday, April 16, 2010

break from trip pics - red sweater day back in January

I just downloaded a bunch of pictures from old camera cards. Here's this one of the non-planned red sweater day in our house, waaaay back in time, when Z had only two teeth on the bottom. So young! And was only three months ago.

Weird thing about kids - growth is woven into every moment; there is rarely enough stagnancy to allow holding onto a particular stage or way of their being. I can only really grasp who Zoralee is by thinking of her right now, with her personality exactly as developed as it is, at this precise age of 16 months and two weeks. I can't mentally undo her progress. On the other hand, you people who haven't seen her in awhile (if ever), you know her by images and stories; she occupies one-dimensional spaces in your brains, so that when you see her again, you have to adjust forward. Try as I may, it's nearly impossible to adjust backwards.


Shana said...

Hmmm....Red all at once: proof that great minds really do think alike.

Rachel Clear said...

This is a great photo. I'd love a copy of it for B's bedroom.