Tuesday, February 1, 2011

baby legwarmers

When Zoralee was a newbie, I tried making baby legwarmers from scratch using various stretchy materials. Unfortunately, I'm what you might call a fly-by-the-seat sewer; I don't know enough for things to turn out consistently well. The easiest and best fitting legwarmer method for a basic sewer like me is to re-purpose knee-high socks. Sometimes they can be had on clearance for less than $2 a pair. I'll post below a good instruction video I found on youtube.
Here is a batch for my nephew, Bennett David. I won't post a picture of him,
since I'm guessing most of you have seen several. Heh heh.

These two pair are for the newest addition to my extended family, Vera Love.
Is that not the most darling name? She is still under 6 pounds,
so I made these pretty skinny. Hope they fit.

Vera was born to my cousin, Autumn, and her husband, Nic, up in Alaska. Autumn had completed her midwife training last year, so what better final test than to have her own little munchkin at home? (She did have other attending midwives.) Vera arrived three weeks early, bottom first! Welcome to the family, sweet Vera, and congratulations, Nic and Autumn!


ms emili louann said...

Aww, my sister makes these TOO (she's an amazing little seamstress, ya know :)

So cute.

Rena said...

I love the picture of Dolly modeling the leg warmers. And of Autumm and Vera Love, of course! :)
I actually bought several pairs of socks to try and make leg warmers for Bennett for Christmas, but never got it done so just ordered them instead. The socks are waiting for you !!

tamie said...

I've really been wanting to get into some crafty type activity like, you know, making baby leg warmers. I mean, I've got a lot of spare time on my hands now that I don't do facebook!

Then yesterday I was out at the docks and there were possibly 150 eagles out there. No, really. And I remembered that I have a 15-year love-affair with photography. The love has grown lukewarm as of late, but yesterday I felt it re-kindle. Problem, however: my good camera is in the States. Maybe I can snag one off of family members though. Hm. Anyway. Aren't you glad I sabotaged this post to say all that?

Shana said...

Awesome!!!! I love that you aren't afraid of trying anything. I cannot sew a single lick of a thing! And, those leg warmers are the things for kiddos now especially when they get to movin'!