Thursday, February 3, 2011

i am formulating a stereotype of ultrasound technicians

How many ultrasound technicians have I met? Two. Which is why I ain't submitting my findings just yet to the Journal of Science and Medicine. Still, there is a pattern. I may have opportunity over the course of my lifetime to further verify or disprove this stereotype, maybe another time, maybe two, or maybe none. So, if any of you have evidence one way or the other, chime in. If you are an ultrasound technician yourself, I invite you, be not shy, but be informative. Does this stereotype ring true in your industry, yay verily, in your mirror?
  • female
  • late 20's
  • pleasantly pretty
  • thin
  • quiet
  • studious
  • doesn't offer much extraneous conversation or information, either about life in general or the straight lines she's drawing all over my baby
  • ample makeup
  • spends time on hair
  • clicks buttons on the computer really fast
  • doesn't have obvious ties to motherhood, either bodily or in office photo displays
  • wears basic, slightly trendy attire for business casual, which is a bit boring compared to non-medical office workers 


Don Conrad said...

hmm... sounds pretty good. Is single part of the stereotype?

lori said...

I'll ask next time, Don.

Rachel Clear said...

Hahahahah! Hahaha!

I have probably had a dozen ultrasounds in my life (3 in pregnancy and the rest at other times). So basically: I am an expert.

I agree with nearly all of your stereotypes, except that at some places, the ultrasound techs were scrubs, so as to look official.

And. I've had a few chubby ones. Or plump, I should say.

tamie said...

"yay verily, in your mirror"

proving that you should also do something with your writing.

yo, chica. get on it.

Kim Davey said...

I disagree...
The only ultrasound that I have ever had was in Uganda from a male in his mid 30s, who was overly talkative, black and didn't have any hair.

Though there wasn't a child in my womb, which might be the link throwing off the a fore mentioned stereotype.

Shana said...

Can I just're a dork. And I mean that with all the love I have!!!! And, you are pretty close but all the ones I know have kids and wear scrubs and have pictures of their kids somewhere in the radiology department. I think you are getting the shaft. You are getting snooty techs, man!!!

Mars said...

Hmmmm. For my most recent one (at the perinatologist) I would have to agree with the physical description. But we kinda hit it off because it turns out she was the same gal who did Charlie's ultrasound of his kidneys a few months ago and I recognized her so I think I scored a few social points there. So, we talked about her kids and stuff (and yes, if we hadn't talked, I would not have guessed she had kids - no "bodily evidence", or no "pudge", and she was rather young).
BUT, the other 2 I've had so far with this pregnancy, nope, they were a breed of their own. First one was an older, maybe early 40's, dude who was graying and "chubby/plump" and I'm pretty sure he was a smoker - no smell or anything, just got that impression. Second was an older lady, yes also rather plump and she was super talkative, gave away lots of info she probably wasn't supposed to AND talked all about her daughter who lives in Vancouver, her daughter's pregnancy loss, and all kinds of stuff.
So yes, the mold can be broken.

lori said...

So what everybody's saying is that ultrasound techs can be rather varied. Hm. Hm. Hm.

Kim - ha! I don't think it was you being without child that so wildly distinguished your experience from mine. I think it was you being in Uganda.

This has been a most delightful exchange. Thanks for your input, everybody. :)