Thursday, February 3, 2011


button with child

huge interactive mouse pad on the floor at the mall


Rena said...

Prizes for guessing what everything is???

tamie said...

Now, Lori. I'm going to have to get insistent here. I realize you're busy and all, what with being pregnant and having a little tyke in the house and what-have-you. But seriously, kid. You need to do something with your photographs. You could make money, for one thing. You could spread joy and peace and world unity for another. Submit them to contests, to magazines! For God's sake! No, really. For God's sake.

You could win contests, you could have your photos published places. And these things pay. Plus, you'd be getting your stuff out there. It's really good, Lori. Think about it.

Shana said...

You are too funny. Last time you were pregnant I think I remember you taking a picture of something and then something else similar and labeling it "with child". I just adore you! You make me smile.