Wednesday, December 9, 2009

fun scams in the middle of the night

If you are a contact on my sister, Rachel's, gmail or facebook, please don't respond to urgent requests for money. Some hooligan hacked into those accounts in the middle of the night, and sent mass messages about being robbed at gunpoint in London and needing help to get home. We've been getting emails from good folks wanting to make sure they're okay, and yes, they are. Just annoyed at the cleanup they're having to do. Thankfully, most people realized that the poor grammar used in the message didn't sound much like Rachel. Ha ha. Tip to scammers: brush up on your English.

What's the most fun about this is that it all happened in the middle of the night (so maybe the scammer lives across the world where it's daytime). Mom and Dad were here in Alaska with us, and spent the second half of the night receiving and sending questions and answers to friends via phone text.

Some nights when you go to sleep, you just don't know what will happen next.


Anonymous said...

Yes! there are crazy people out there!!! But I'm only partial crazy Mom,Nana,Barb that is just so excited to have my family here for Christmas!!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

That is a very eye opening experience!You do not know what can happen these days, nothing surprises me!