Friday, December 11, 2009

Zoralee is one

Zoralee's birthday was just perfect! A group of friends and family came to my cousins' house in celebration of a whole year of life for Zoralee Rena. She opened some presents (which a few rule-breakers had brought), listened to two poems from friends, played with Tate, Luke, Gauge, Chloe, and Lillian, and spent several minutes poking at her own Z cake. Otherwise, the rest of us enjoyed snacks and cake and ice cream, and watched a short video collage of Z's birth and first couple months (made possible at the last minute by Scott's computer savviness). Elisha brought a chocolate cake which we sprinkled powder sugar onto in a zebra stripe pattern, and my mom made a coconut cake, which we sprinkled chocolate shavings onto in the same pattern.

And get this. A day or two before her birthday, I was at the thrift store looking for a funky party dress for Zoralee, and I happened across a zebra-print dress (the one you see in all the pictures). I about fell over. It was $1.99. IS IT NOT PERFECT FOR A ZEBRA PARTY? Z for zebra; Z for Zoralee, see. My mom also got her the zebra hair ribbon, and we put on her black tights. I'll you what; the whole getup was enough to make a cute-sensitive person faint.

In over-the-top gestures of love, my folks flew up from Montana for the week, and Rachel flew up from Portland for a long weekend. It was so great having them here, not only for Z's birthday but just for hanging out together. And in the case of Rachel, being pregnant together! Yippidy-dooooo!

Here are some more pictures, courtesy of Elisha and Brandon.

Rachel uploaded this video to youtube. After the singing, it's not especially exciting, but here 'tis.


Rena said...

It was a great party and a wonderful week...well worth the price of a plane ticket! :)

(And don't get rid of the zebra dress. It's probably a 1980's collector's item!)

Shana said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Zoralee!!!

handfull of johnsons said...

I'm totally fainting...from all of the cuteness!! Those ugg boots must be from Rachel, I'm guessing? I just need to squeeze miss Zora in person before she hits junior high and thinks hugs are gross. She's amazing! Can't wait to see what you guys make next!

Elaine said...

A year already?! Goes by fast. She is super cute. Happy Birthday Zoralee!

melissa said...

i read on tamie's blog the comment you left.
big hugs and much love, love, love to you, and Jason, and Zor....