Saturday, December 12, 2009

my folks' and Rachel's visit

As I mentioned, my parents and sister flew to Alaska for Zoralee's first birthday party. One day Zoralee will be able to understand the extreme measures being taken to celebrate her existence - the first, long-awaited grandchild of my folks / niece of my siblings / great-grandchild of my maternal grandparents. She gets a few truckfuls of attention. By the time that someday comes, we'll hopefully have enough other little dudes running around that she won't become too twerpish.

Thanks, Mom, Dad, and Rach, for loving Z and us in this way!

experiencing Grandpa Larry's amazing legs


Shana said...

Grandpa Larry's legs are fabulous...but, SHE is awesome. I love all of her little expressions. She *says* so much this way!!!

tamie said...

i love the picture of rachel reading to z. good for the soul.